Network Management Services

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Are you looking for network management services to administer, operate and maintain a network infrastructure? At Cygnik, network management and network administration is our specialty. 

We assist existing and new businesses with network architecture. With the best network architecture possible, each employee’s workstation can communicate with all the office equipment without interruptions. Be sure that more than one person can use network devices for maximal business outputs.

Our clients in the following industries appreciate our network security services: accounting, consulting, education, healthcare, insurance and legal.

Network Management Services

Service Benefits

Without the right network administration experience, managing a network can be a daunting task. That is why our satisfied clients choose us to ensure their network structure is optimized for peak performance as all their resources are fully utilized and secured.

We take the burden of managing the IT network of your workload. The first step is performing an in-depth network architecture analysis. We can understand how the current structure is set up before introducing any new system or change into the network. The network architecture analysis helps us understand the routing, security, management and performance of the network. This allows for proper diagnostics of the existing network.

Minimize downtime, cost and experience increase in productivity with Cygnik’s 24/7/365 network

support. Our proactive approach to monitoring and running regular network checks helps us take action before a network problem occurs. Our satisfied clients in Toronto and Washington appreciate our proactive network support and monitoring services.

Having your network hacked is not a pleasant experience. Suddenly, there is a foreign intruder in your network, potentially comprising all your workload and highly sensitive data. Therefore, every business should take cybersecurity very seriously. Without adequate network security, companies can easily fall victim to cybercrime. That is why we help companies to establish good network security that reduces the risks of outside threats and data breaches. We help improve network security by installing sophisticated firewall hardware and software against DDOS attacks. Also, we implement and provide email security, access control, backups and network segmentation.

Is your network security the best on the market?

It’s better to be proactive about network security to avoid data breaches and an interruption of daily business flow. 

Network Assessment Services

Do you know your network’s current performance? Benefit from our network assessment services to understand the performance of your existing network. We consider network management, network security, and network processes to identify any weaknesses, congestion, or disorganization that might hinder your network’s growth and success.

Network Management Services

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Most frequent questions and answers

Imagine your business going offline for one day, or maybe even a week. Think about the loss in revenue a network description would cause. Now, it’s easier to see the importance of a professional and comprehensive network management platform. Network management covers the procedures, methods, and tools to operate, administer, and maintain your business network successfully. At Cygnik, we use a wide range of hardware and software products to manage enterprise networks. We can assist with network provisioningnetwork operation, network maintenance and network administration. The ultimate goal is to ensure a network is managed correctly to avoid any disruptions and to help a business maximize profits with a sound and robust network management platform. 

Yes, we can block specific IPs, websites or applications that are not related to the task at hand. You can eliminate employee distractions and increase productivity with a robust network management platform. Our clients in the education, healthcare, legal, insurance, consulting and accounting industries particularly enjoy our network management services to keep their employees focused and distraction-free.

A professionally managed wireless access point allows users to room from zone to zone using one single WiFi network. Depending on the area of the controlled wireless access point (based on the wireless heatmap of the area) required, Cygnik network specialists will identify a managed access point that suits your unique needs. Receive customized solutions when working with Cygnik. What kind of network management does your business require? If you don’t know the answer to this question, we recommend contacting us and taking advantage of a free consultation. We can help you determine your network management requirements