IT Advisory Services

Increase Your Productivity with IT Advisory Services

We provide professional IT services in the form of advisory & consulting services to small to medium-sized businesses. If IT is not your expertise, we can happily help develop a comprehensive IT strategy based on your business requirements.

With the right IT and adequate management and monitoring, significant growth can be achieved. Trust Cygnik Tech’s IT advisory services and IT consulting services to increase business efficiency while simplifying operations. We offer end-to-end Managed IT Services in Greater Toronto Area and Washington (DMV Area).


it advisory services

IT Advisory Services Benefits

Cygnik helps by improving efficiency, cutting costs and reducing downtime, Cygnik can help you achieve your business goals faster. We help your business align its technology with its long-term business goals!

Our satisfied clients in Washington and Toronto depend on our IT consulting services to solve IT problems. We work with a wide range of industries to help businesses modernize their IT strategies. For example, we work with companies to assess the current infrastructure and build strategic roadmaps to move their production workload from legacy systems to cloud based platforms.

Our responsibility is to provide our IT support services to implement the project. We provide IT consulting services to a wide range of industries. Click here to find out which sectors we most commonly work with.

We can assist businesses with hiring their own full-time IT staff. While performing IT support, management and monitoring services to provide organizations with cost-savings solutions. While some companies do require in-house, full-time IT personnel is not always necessary. That is why we assist businesses in sourcing the very best IT talent. We will find personnel with the right qualifications to meet your business needs. Our decade long experience in the IT industry will allow us to identify high-quality talent for your organization.

We can also assist with managing IT risk and compliance requirements. Cygnik Tech helps organizations assess, manage and optimize IT information to mitigate and eliminate risk. We help identify technology risk in information protection and business resilience, IT internal audits, IT attestations, IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), PCI DSS, GLBA, HIPPA, SOX, FISMA, ISO 17799 and COBIT.

Collaborate with Us for all your iT professional Services

Book a free consultation today. Let us hear your requirements and find IT solutions to suit your specific needs!

Build An IT Strategy

We can assist with your all-inclusive IT strategy development. Let us help integrate the right innovative technology to achieve your business goals. Here are the steps we take to build a comprehensive IT strategy:

Step One: Identify The Target State 

Here we identify what IT infrastructure is required to support your business requirements.

Step Two: Assess The Status Quo 

Before seeing where we want to go, we need to establish where we are. We conduct a thorough assessment of the current state of your IT infrastructure. This allows our team for a greater understanding of what IT capacities your current state can accommodate. 

Step Three: Bridge The Gap And Create A Strategic Way Forward 

In step three, we fuse the two first steps to identify gaps and create a strategic way forward (ITIL framework). We brainstorm initiatives to ensure the best IT infrastructure required for your business end-goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cygnik Tech provides expertise in evaluating new technology or trends that can impact your business. We also help define the technology roadmap, goals or objectives. Let us help pick the right technology to give your company a competitive edge while also cutting costs.

We can provide the following IT professional services:

  • IT Infrastructure planning & implementation
  • Risk assessment analysis
  • Security consulting
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Maximizing efficiency while reducing all operational costs
  • Improve the reliability of your IT infrastructure