Managed IT Cloud Solutions

Achieve Minimum of 99.9% Uptime with a managed IT Cloud Solutions

We are ready to be your cloud management service provider. Be sure to leverage the scalability and flexibility of cloud management services to expand your business. With our Managed IT Cloud Solutions, organizations can enjoy moving their workload to a secure cloud environment, where their work is always safely available and accessible. Enjoy the convenience of accessing your data from anywhere in the world. With cloud based management, there is no more need to worry about hardware infrastructure and frequent software updates. More and more businesses are moving away from traditional infrastructure to cloud-based solutions. Is your company next?

Our cloud-managed services serve small to medium-sized businesses to achieve cloud-based solutions for their employees.

Based on our years of cloud management experience, we deploy more applications into cloud platforms that allow for greater workflow automation while benefiting from cost savings.

Managed IT Cloud Solutions

Service Benefits

We can take care of end-to-end cloud migration for small to medium-sized businesses. Our specialty is modernizing businesses with our cloud management platforms. Companies find it much easier to facilitate working from home with a cloud management platform.

Our cloud IT support specialists will analyze your business and provide feedback on which services are suitable for cloud-based solutions. We will provide a detailed impact to business snapshots to guide you through modernizing your IT environment.

We plan ahead of time to ensure no loss of service to your business. If your business is considering migrating to a cloud platform, then have a thorough strategy in place. Our skilled migration team prepares a business impact analysis and provides best practices for deployment. We mitigate issues from happening in the first place to transform your business into cloud management seamlessly.

Once your cloud platform is successfully running, we guide the way. Our cloud support specialists can help ensure your business is maximizing the benefits of cloud infrastructure. On-going cloud maintenance is required, and that’s why we’re always here to help. We also help with administrative support to provide password resets, monitoring or training new staff with new updates as they come forward.

We provide deep insight for any Office 365 problems. Thanks to our sophisticated software, we can detect issues even before Microsoft is aware. Appreciate one-on-one help to target and solve any Office 365 issues you are experiencing. Our satisfied clients appreciate our proactive and quick approach for resolving issues, so you can get back to what matters most. Trust Cygnik to resolve all Office 365 obstacles. We are here to help with migrating on-prem email services to Office 365. Part of our services include migrating local file servers to Sharepoint, as well as help with Office 365 backups. Aside from Office 365, we can also provide services for SaaS applications like Salesforce, and G Suite.

Cygnik can help you with:

  • Cloud Migration Strategies
  • Application Assessment for Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Infrastructure Deployment & AMP Support
  • Assess Cloud Readiness
  • Cloud Security and Governance
  • Support SaaS applications like G Suite and O365
  • Provide Cloud-Based Management Software
  • Cloud Environmental Support
  • Office 365 Troubleshooting
  • Cloud Integration Strategy

Trust Cygnik to provide the best cloud platform to suit your daily demands.

We believe in using infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) as a business model for corporations that wish to expand.

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There are so many benefits to taking advantage of a cloud platform for your business needs. With cloud hosting services, your business benefits from saving money, improving flexibility and maximizing your resources. 

Are you not sure how your business would benefit from a cloud platform? Our skilled IT support consultants will listen to your needs and make recommendations for business solutions. Learn more about the benefits of cloud platforms by contacting us today.

Managed IT Cloud Solutions


Most frequent questions and answers

Private Cloud Solutions: Private cloud solutions are best for use by one single organization and is a closed network.
Public Cloud Solutions: A public cloud platform is developed over a network that is open for various users to join. Public cloud platforms are available for the public and are owned by a private company. Examples of such include Microsoft, Oracle or Amazon Web Services. Businesses can rent cloud storage based on their business requirements. 
Hybrid Cloud Solutions: Employ a combination of both platforms for organizations that need enhanced security measures. Some organizations want to keep most of their workload on a public cloud platform while keeping sensitive information on a private cloud platform.

At Cygnik, our cloud support specialists would best determine which cloud platform is necessary for your specific business needs. 


Did you know that a cloud management system can be more affordable than legacy IT infrastructure solutions? Cloud management is safer and more accessible as organizations can save money by only paying for what they need and when they need it. We can provide you with cloud management platforms, such as AWS, GCP and Azure. Whichever is best for your needs and budget.

Thanks to modern technology, organizations today can deploy applications on IT infrastructure solutions that do not need to be built or maintained by themselves. 

Instead, Cygnik helps organizations achieve cloud management by using different software products and technologies to provide a holistic management strategy according to their systematic needs.