Privacy and Security Awareness

In today’s world, cyberattack & breach has become a new normal. These used to be big company problems, but now, more and more small to mid-sized businesses are falling prey to serious security issues.

At Cygnik Tech, we have developed a comprehensive privacy and security awareness program covering all the practical aspects of privacy and security in the digital world, focused on employees of small to mid-size organizations. The tailored training module, an adaptive program is based on the current knowledge of your employees. We provide unique courses based on the challenges faced by your specific organizations and employees.

The program is divided into three different parts: 

  1. Online Tutorials & Videos
  2. In-Class Training 
  3. Simulations 

Benefits for Employer:

  1. Training Saves Organizational Reputation, Time & Money.
  2. Prevent downtime for IT Infrastructure.
  3. Reduce threats to data & overall network integrity.
  4. Drive staff confidence & awareness with security issues & solutions.
  5. Ensure Compliance  (Compliance requirements for businesses are increasingly focused on employee training).

Benefits for Employees:

  1. Better recognition of potential cyber incidents (majority of cyber incidents happens due to human error)
  2. Potential for career progression given knowledge on keeping information and technology safe and secure. 
  3. Each employee will be awarded a certificate on successful completion of the training module.
  4. Employees have access to an online video library after the course for a year.
  5. Develop a security-focused culture with peers and within organizations.

Cygnik Tech is administering privacy and security awareness program along with other services with multiple organizations across North America.

Ask us about available government funding to offset costs!